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Tim CarterTim dabbled in photography long before he attended the Maine School of Photographic Arts, under the tutelage of master photographer Howard Bond. During the 1980s he broke into the business of creating “ski portraits” while enjoying the slopes in New Hampshire.

Inspiration: Carter, who remembers a harsh review by his artist grandfather Rockwell Kent, overcame his childhood embarrassment to pursue the arts. He chose photography as a way to express himself and make a living. He prefers the black and white format and imagery because it best conveys his perception of landscapes, it “captures the starkness of the land and people” in the American west.

For Tim there is a kinship between his own compositions and those of his grandfather’s Greenland landscapes, in particular: “they are stark and barren, you get the feeling of great opposition between light and dark, and the immense land,” he says.

Colorado Life: Tim's skiing enthusiasm first brought him to Winter Park Resort and the Fraser valley in the 1950's, where he persued his love of skiing and competing. Tim has moved in and out of Colorado several times, but keeps coming back to its photographic opportunities and ideal outdoor life. As a current resident of Grand County, the location offers a central place in Colorado for exploring different areas with the camera lens. Tim and his wife Tina have lived in Granby, Colorado since 1998, where he continues to explore all formats of photography with inspiration from the beautiful surrounding Colorado Rocky Mountains.

Current Works: Presently Tim specializes in architectural photography and copywork, assisting designers and builders with marketing their work. Some architectural photography clients include Big Valley Construction, Munn Architecture, Terra Firma Custom Homes, Grand Woodworks, and Sotheby's Real Estate. Some copywork clients include Big Horn Gallery (Cody, WY), James Bama, Donna Howel-Sickles, Howard Post, Buckeye Blake, and Reid Christie.

Tim Carter is publisher and photographer for Grand County Living Magazine as well as Nordic Ski Colorado. With the inspiring Rocky Mountains of Colorado, he continues to expand his collection of scenic images in his free time.

Scenic panoramic photo taken by Carter PhotographicsTim Carter taking a photoPhoto of the Colorado River taken by Carter Photographics
Tim Carter taking a photo of the snow capped Rocky Mountains
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